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Contrat Social d'Hyperbola

Le Contrat Social d'Hyperbola est l'engagement que nous, le Projet Hyperbola, faisons à la Communauté du Logiciel Libre en général et à nos utilisateurs en particulier. Cela signifie que notre contrat social suivra toujours la philosophie de la connaissance libre. Toute modification de ce contrat social devra rester fidèle à l'esprit du Mouvement du Logiciel Libre.

  1. Hyperbola, c'est du logiciel libre : Le Projet Hyperbola suit les Recommandations pour les distributions systèmes libres (GNU FSDG). Il n'inclue et ne recommande pas de logiciel ou de documentation non-libre, et ne fournit aucun type de support pour l'installation ou l'exécution de logiciel non-libre. Ceci inclue :
  2. Hyperbola, c'est de la culture libre : Toute la documentation et les œuvres culturelles inclues dans le Projet Hyperbola sont des œuvres libres, à l'exception des œuvres qui posent un point de vue, des sections invariantes et des textes de couverture. En revanche, toute la documentation et les œuvres culturelles créées par ou pour Hyperbola sont des œuvres libres, sans exception.
  3. Hyperbola et la confidentialité : Hyperbola's objective is to support the privacy of its community. This includes software built and patched to be secure from global data surveillance revealed in the publication of Snowden's NSA documents, as well as additional hardened packages which remove lower level protocols that may cause privacy leaks, metadata/fingerprinting, and vulnerabilities.
  4. Hyperbola et la stabilité : Hyperbola's objective is to support the stability in its products. They do not include or recommend software broken by design. To be broken “by design” means to have multiple security, privacy and technical issues reported to upstream and all of which should be proven to be ignored by upstream.
  5. Hyperbola et la liberté d'amorçage : Hyperbola's objective is to support init freedom. It is about restoring a sane approach to PID1, one that respects diversity and freedom of choice. Hyperbola refuses init systems that breaks portability, ignores backwards compatibility, and replaces existing services, forcing into adoption (eg. systemd).
  6. Hyperbola et les autres distributions : Hyperbola's objective is to support the Free Software Movement, so we only need to compete against non-free software; other free software projects are to be cooperated with, not competed with. Hyperbola strives to support other free software projects as best we can and any information from our project is available for anybody who needs it. That includes our packages and repositories.
  7. Hyperbola et la confusion du nom : Hyperbola won't include the name “Linux” ambiguously in its projects. Linux is the kernel, one of the essential major components of the system. The system as a whole is basically the GNU system, with Linux added. When there are terms talking about variants of the GNU/Linux system (often called “distros”) in Hyperbola's projects, it will be called as “GNU/Linux”. For variants of GNU with different kernels such as Hurd, it will be called as “GNU/Hurd”. However for variants of GNU with BSD kernels will be called with “k” at the beginning of BSD that is going used, since there are BSD systems, not only kernels ones (eg. “GNU/kFreeBSD”). Furthermore, plus symbols are valid too (eg. “GNU+Linux”).
  8. Hyperbola et les noyaux déblobbés : Hyperbola will include “-libre” suffix for all variants of GNU system with any kind of deblobbed kernel that is going used and future ones in Hyperbola or any distro mentioned in Hyperbola projects. eg. Trisquel GNU/Linux-libre, Hyperbola GNU/kFreeBSD-libre, etc.
  9. Hyperbola, Arch et Debian: Hyperbola will produce an operating system that is a free version of Arch GNU/Linux and possibly other Arch-based systems, however Hyperbola will follow the stability, development and maintainance of Debian project. We will provide repositories and installation media without any non-free software. All Hyperbola operating systems will be backward compatible with the Arch-based systems they are based on, as to help liberate already working installations. We will respect the Arch design and Debian stability philosophies, to reduce friction from both developer and user viewpoints.
  10. Hyperbola et l'anti-discrimination : All of Hyperbola community are to respect the ethics of freedom and free software are demanded to show the deepest respect among themselves. Under no circumstances discriminate against people based on age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ideology, ideas, social class, nationality, race, intelligence, or any analogous grounds. Hyperbola encourage freedom of speech. However do not curse or use offensive language while debating within the Hyperbola community. Do not under any circumstances attack, bullying, stalking, harassment any individual (the personal turn) or a certain group. Play the ball, not the man. Do not insult anyone. Any disregard of any of these points will and must lead to expulsion of the person(s) in question.
  11. Hyperbola et les dons : Donations can be made anonymously or under full name. Any user may either donate to the Hyperbola Project in general or to an individual hacker, artist or developer. All donations will help the project as a whole and are appreciated. You can also give private donations to current projects by marking the donation by its “project name”.