Hyperbola Project offers several sources services for users who wish build Hyperbola from scratch.

Package Sources Repositories

Hyperbola source tarballs contain everything that is used to build a complete package. This includes the PKGBUILD, patches, files and upstream sources tarballs. If an upstream tarballs contain nonfree media, they are deblobbed prior to being placed in these tarballs to respect your freedom. These tarballs can be downloaded directly via HTTPS from the mirror sites listed below.



Build procedure

It is recommended to use libretools to compile these sources from a clean chroot environment.

# pacman -S libretools
See the Parabola's Package Maintainer Guide for further details about libretools.

Download manually the source tarball and signature from stable or testing version.

$ wget "[package_name]-[version]-[release].src.tar.gz"
$ wget "[package_name]-[version]-[release].src.tar.gz.sig"

Verify the authenticity of the source tarball.

$ gpg --verify [package_name]-[version]-[release].src.tar.gz.sig
If gpg complains about the key ID, try the following commands instead:
$ gpg --keyserver --recv-key [key ID]
$ gpg --list-key --with-fingerprint [key ID]

Check the output of the last command, to make sure the fingerprint is correct.

Extract and navigate to your desired extracted source tarball.

$ mkdir foo
$ bsdtar xpf [package_name]-[version]-[release].src.tar.gz -C foo
$ cd foo

Build the desired extracted source tarball

$ doas libremakepkg
Using su would not work with libremakepkg.

Install the compiled package when build is completed

# pacman -U [package_name]-[version]-[release]-[architecture].pkg.tar.xz

Other Sources

In addition to the package sources repositories, Hyperbola Project offers live images, deblobbed source codes/tarballs, logos, Kodi addons repo. These miscellaneous files can be downloaded directly via HTTPS from the mirror sites listed below.

Country Mirror
Ecuador Red Cedia
Netherlands Vereniging NLUUG
Canada Computer Science Club of the University of Waterloo
USA Free Software Foundation
Lithuania Hyperbola Project