A software repository is a storage location from which software packages are retrieved for installation.

Hyperbola repositories contain essential and popular software which follow the Hyperbola Social Contract, readily accessible via pacman. They are maintained by package maintainers.

Packages in the repositories are constantly stabilized to follow the Hyperbola Packaging Guidelines: when a package is upgraded, its old version is removed from the repository. Each repository is always coherent, i.e. the packages that it hosts always have reciprocally compatible versions.



This repository can be found in …/core/os/ on your favorite mirror.

core contains packages for:

  • booting operating system
  • connecting to the Internet
  • building packages
  • management and repair of supported file systems
  • the system setup process (e.g. openssh)


This repository can be found in …/extra/os/ on your favorite mirror.

extra contains all packages that do not fit in core. Example: Xorg, window managers, web browsers, media players, tools for working with languages such as Python and Ruby, free and libre games and a lot more.


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