Non-functional data

With the Free System Distribution Guidelines (GNU FSDG as shortform) the Free Software Foundation has defined so-called “non-functional data” as following (quoting excerpt):


Data that isn't functional, that doesn't do a practical job, is more of an adornment to the system's software than a part of it. 
Thus, we don't insist on the free license criteria for non-functional data. It can be included in a free system distribution as 
long as its license gives you permission to copy and redistribute, both for commercial and non-commercial purposes. For 
example, some game engines released under the GNU GPL have accompanying game information—a fictional world map,
game graphics, and so on—released under such a verbatim-distribution license. This kind of data can be part of a free 
system distribution, even though its license does not qualify as free, because it is non-functional.


Hyperbola is explicit not following and decline this definition as we want a full free and libre available system. So in our definition all software and included data has to be free, libre and permissive licensed. The problem with the definition of the FSF: It leaves room for interpretation and only focus on vague terminology. Games need further data, like images and sounds. Without them any kind of game is not able to be really usable. Furthermore the definition leaves also room for per definition free and libre oriented systems including non-free licensed data-packages.

Within Hyperbola as system all data has to be free and libre licensed, without any exclusion. Free and libre licensed reimplementations or interpreters needing nevertheless non-free data are also not allowed for inclusion in the repositories of Hyperbola at any time. The individual decision of users is untouched and without question.

Data free and libre licensed, available also in form of sources

Not only we include only software-projects with all their data and sources free, libre licensed. We also only include software making all their sources open. This especially refers to free, libre licensed games: We do not accept packaged data being licensed free and permissive without access towards the sources, images, models, sounds and music, further definitions and file-format specifications. When a project is not offering its data-sources for insight, modification and research Hyperbola will not package this!