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As systemd doesn't follow our Social Contract, we have decided to remove it and use OpenRC as our default init system. The decision means that the Stable v0.1 will be the first and the last version supporting systemd.

To ease the transition, systemd support will remain in the stable repositories for the time being, while we are removing it in the Testing version and creating our OpenRC migration guide. As of Stable v0.2 release, systemd support will be completely removed without further notice.

Further details:

  Unchecked null pointer dereferencing in PID 1 not considered a serious issue (
  Mount efivarfs read-only (
  Unable to shutdown (
  journald eats up CPU (
  Corrupted binary logs (
  tmpfiles: R! /dir/.* destroys root (
  systemd again (or how to obliterate your system) (
  systemd can't handle the process previlege that belongs to user name startswith number, such as 0day (
  systemd Using 4GB RAM After 18 Days of Uptime (
  Please do not default to using Google nameservers (
  journal ip anonymization (
  systemd kill background processes after user logs out (
  systemd-resolved DNS cache poisoning (