Lumina Desktop

Lumina is a lightweight desktop environment, free of D-Bus and *kit, designed to have as few system dependencies and requirements as possible. Check this Wikipedia article, and the official handbook.


Prebuilt package

dont forget to update you system before you proceed

To install Lumina desktop, run:

pacman -S lumina lumina-extra
This packages groups lumina includes both lumina-core and lumina-core-utils, and lumina-extra includes own implementations: archiver, fileinfo, fm, mediaplayer, photo, screenshot, textedit, respectively


A configuration file is installed in /etc/luminaDesktop.conf . Lumina also has a bunch of own configuration tools.


Lumina provides its own replacement for startx to be started from console.


Alternatively it can be added to the ~./xinitrc file for being started via startx or a display manager

Make sure to read this article, for more information on managing startx on Arch GNU/Linux (the information applies to Hyperbola, as well). But relevant commands are bellow:

[[ -f ~/.Xresources ]] && xrdb -merge -I$HOME ~/.Xresources
exec start-lumina-desktop

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