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Sponsorship Opportunities


Hyperbola Project is currently seeking a Virtual Private Server sponsor.

We are in need of the following system specifications:
  • 500 GB HDD or greater
  • 2 GB RAM or greater
  • 5 MB/s up/down link or greater
  • Ability to load Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre boot disk.
    • Can adapt to Arch GNU/Linux or Debian GNU/Linux container if required, but not preferred.
  • In privacy respecting countries. (Iceland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.) See this list:
VPS sponsors will be featured on the website.

Thank you for your interest in helping the Free Software Movement and Hyperbola Project!


Hyperbola Project is seeking hardware which Respects Your Freedom.

Laptops or boxes which can run without blobs and preferably LibreBoot are appreciated.
Hardware sponsors will be featured on the website.


Hyperbola Project is seeking stickers and t-shirts for our project. If you would like to help provide these marketing/brand materials we would greatly appreciate them!

Branding sponsors will be featured on the website.


Hyperbola Developers need to be able to keep the lights on! Please consider an in-kind donation to the Hyperbola Team. Thank you!

See Donations page for further details.
Monetary donation sponsors will be featured on the website.