Hyperbola Roadmap

Todo lists are used by the developers when a software development is needed. This is common when there is a software development plan, such as the inclusion of new code or port code to the HyperbolaBSD kernel or userspace, new features, etc. The progress can be tracked here, and completed todo lists can be browsed as well.

Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre Milky Way v0.4.1

Further work on GNU/Linux-libre for transitional release into HyperbolaBSD

  • Add further packages within context of missing protocols (Gopher, Gemini), additions for free and libre gaming and applications for digital book-publication → DONE (Responsible: throgh)

Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre Milky Way v0.4.2

Full integration of runit and hyperinstaller

  • Fix packages reported being malfunctional or missing features → IN PROGRESS (Responsible: heckyel, rachad, throgh)
  • Testing and fixing runit-integration → IN PROGRESS (Responsible: heckyel, rachad, throgh, irelativism)
  • Testing and fixing hyperinstaller → IN PROGRESS (Responsible: )

HyperbolaBSD Canis Major v0.99.0.x-alpha

Rebranding and Deblobbing OpenBSD

  • Rebranding BSD kernel → DONE (Responsible: Emulatorman)
  • Rebranding BSD userspace → DONE (Responsible: Emulatorman)
  • Rebranding Xenocara → DONE (Responsible: Emulatorman)
  • Build and test the rebranded system → IN PROGRESS (Responsible: coadde)
  • Check all files with licenses issues 1) and GPL incompatibility → IN PROGRESS (Responsible: Emulatorman)
  • See if some of those unlicensed files are copyrightable → IN PROGRESS (Responsible: Emulatorman)
  • Remove nonfree firmware blobs → DONE (Responsible: Emulatorman)
  • Write compatible code to replace the nonfree files

HyperbolaBSD Canis Major v0.99.1.x-beta

Modularise the BSD system

  • Modularise BSD kernel → DONE (Responsible: coadde)
  • Modularise BSD userspace
  • Port and test hyperman 2) → IN PROGRESS (Responsible: Gaming4JC)
  • Port and test hypertools 3)
  • Port and test HyperDB 4)
  • Port and test HyperBLibC 5)
  • Port and test HyperRC 6)
  • Package the entire modularised BSD system and some core packages with hyperman 7)

HyperbolaBSD Canis Major v1.x

Port possible extra packages from the current GNU/Linux-libre version

  • Index incompatible packages
  • Upgrade and maintain packages
  • EOL of GNU/Linux-libre support 8)
  • Restructuring of entire Hyperbola Project with HyperbolaBSD

HyperbolaBSD Sagittarius v2.x

Pull many useful parts from other upstream projects

  • Review of codebase and additions from OpenBSD
  • Review of codebase and additions from DragonFlyBSD (Hammer, Hammer2, cryptsetup, dm-crypt)
  • Review of codebase and additions from NetBSD (GNU/Linux compat layer, architectures, and Nouveau driver, LVM and Xen)
  • Review of codebase and additions from HardenedBSD (Address Space Layout Randomization on userspace, libarchive has support for lz, port Pax and grsecurity patchset)
  • Maintain, add and upgrade packages to new base under HyperBK
  • Removal of Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre from Hyperbola Project

HyperbolaBSD Ursa Major II v3.x

Write new compatible code under copyleft license

  • Contact original authors and request removal of the advertising clause in Original BSD license (BSD-4)
  • Replace code under Original BSD license with new one under GPLv3 in HyperBK
  • Replace code under Original BSD license with new one under LGPLv3 in HyperBLibC
  • Port ReactOS btrfs kernel driver, instead of Linux kernel, given this one is GPLv2-only (not GPLv3-compatible)
  • Maintain, add and upgrade packages to new base under HyperBK and HyperBLibC

HyperbolaBSD ​​​​​​​Coma v4.x

Actual newly created development on top on final stable base

  • Implement new features and technologies in kernel under GPLv3.
  • Write new firmware code and implement new drivers.
  • Replace blobs with new code under GPLv3.
  • Implement new features and maintain the base system.
  • Maintain, add and upgrade packages

hyperboot, future coreboot payload v0.1.x

Heads like coreboot payload based on HyperbolaBSD

  • Implement octboot(4) and minify HyperbolaBSD to act as bootloader
  • Attestation through skey(1) and TBM → trusted boot module (previously founded NLnet project, now dormant), to avoid intelME management engine, chipsets and proprietary TPM state. attention TBM != TPM → trusted platform module.
  • Upstream work, create a payload in Coreboot under Hyperbola umbrella name hyperboot
Non-free licenses, unlicensed
2) , 7)
Hard fork of pacman for HyperbolaBSD, the Arch package manager
Hard fork of libretools for HyperbolaBSD
dbscripts without bashism for repositories
Specific libc for HyperbolaBSD
Hard fork of OpenRC for HyperbolaBSD
Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre frozen in old-stable for transition reasons