Hyperbola is under continual development. The current release name is “Milky Way”. It is also (currently) known by the codename “stable”.

Each version also corresponds to a set of named software repositories (at least one per CPU architecture).

At any given time, there is one stable release of Hyperbola, which has the support of the Hyperbola security team. When a new stable version is released, the security team will usually cover it to debug packages, maintain patches imported from Debian and evaluate security threats through the HyperTask to help the Hyperbola development team. Only stable is recommended for use.

There are also a main development repository testing maintained by the Hyperbola development team which is continually updated during the development of the next stable release. The latest packages arrive in testing (which always has the codename “White Hole”).


End users should generally choose to run either stable or testing. Stable is recommended for applications requiring stability and security (servers, firewalls etc) and is also recommended for those who are new to GNU/Linux. Testing is recommended for slightly more advanced users who are capable of reporting and fixing bugs to help Hyperbola.

Codenames and current release names

Codename Description Release name
old-stable The previous stable generation. -
stable The current stable release. Milky Way
testing The unstable development release, where new or updated packages are introduced. White Hole

Development releases

OS Version Release name Debian-based patches release Arch-based snapshot date Release date End of life date
HyperbolaBSD 1 - 1.x Canis Major - N/A TBA TBA
HyperbolaBSD 1-rc - 1.x-rc Canis Major - N/A TBA TBA
HyperbolaBSD v0.99-beta - v0.99.x-beta Canis Major - N/A TBA TBA
HyperbolaBSD v0.99-alpha - v0.99.x-alpha Canis Major N/A N/A TBA TBA
HyperbolaBSD v0.99-pre-alpha - v0.99.x-pre-alpha Canis Major N/A N/A TBA TBA
GNU/Linux-libre 0.4.3 Milky Way Bullseye/Bookworm N/A 2023-09-06 Q2 2025 (stable) / approx. 2028 (old-stable)
GNU/Linux-libre 0.4 - 0.4.2 Milky Way Bullseye May 8th 2020 2022-03-01, 0.4 2022-08-03, 0.4.1 2022-12-22, 0.4.2 approx. 2023 (stable) / Q4 2023 (old-stable)
GNU/Linux-libre 0.1 - 0.3 Milky Way Stretch May 8th 2017 July 13th 2017 approx. 2020 (stable) / approx. 2022 (old-stable)

There will be some stability changes between 0.x versions (Milky Way) as we make it to version 1.0 (Canis Major), where we plan to have Long Term Support.


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