Iceape-UXP is a mail and browser suite built on the the Unified XUL Platform.

Historically, Iceape was a re-branding of SeaMonkey by the Debian project. However, Debian discontinued Iceape in December 2013 citing security concerns and lack of a maintainer.

The Hyperbola Team has continued the Iceape branding in the spirit of cultural freedom, and we have applied some additional security and bug fixes that are not in the official SeaMonkey build. You can view the git changelog for a complete list of changes.

Iceape was the third application to be successfully ported to UXP by Hyperbola Project. Much of this work was accomplished by having the mail engine already completed in Icedove, of which Iceape shares the same code base. The remainder of the work was done in Navigator, which is the browser portion of the suite.

Application Info

Build Notes

Iceape-UXP is built the same as Icedove-UXP and requires it's sources to compile.

Once you have successfully built Icedove-UXP, simply git clone iceape-uxp sources into the icedove-uxp folder. Then rename it to “suite”. Finally, modify your .mozconfig to point to the suite directory rather than the “mail” directory.

ac_add_options --enable-application=suite