Iceape-UXP Addons


You've found the page for discovering and installing addons for the Iceape-UXP internet suite. Addons help you modify and personalize your browsing and mailing experience by adding new features to Iceape-UXP, enhancing your interactions with websites, emails, and changing the way your internet suite looks.

Get involved

We build Iceape-UXP to help keep it healthy, free and accessible. Addons support user choice and customization in Iceape-UXP, and you can contribute in the following ways:

  • Make your own addon. We provide free hosting and update services and can help you reach a large audience of users.
  • Backport addons to legacy format with new and improved features
  • Submit patches to improve stability of existing addons
  • Help improve this page. It's free software, and you can file bugs, submit patches and backport requests to HyperTask .
If the extension is pure WebExt there is nothing to backport, requests should be made on addons which were previously programmed in XUL.

If you want to contribute but are not quite as technical, there are still ways to help:

  • Participate in our forum.
  • Leave feedback for your favorite addons. Addon authors are more likely to improve their addons and create new ones when they know people appreciate their work.
  • Tell your friends and family that Iceape-UXP is a free, fast, secure internet suite that protects their privacy, and they can use addons to make it their own!

Addons list

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This wiki article is based on Firefox Addons's about page.